What items are prohibited at Anchor Hospital?

    • Belts, shoelaces, and drawstrings
    • Lighters, matches, butane lighters
    • Food and drink from outside of the hospital
    • Inappropriate clothing, as determined by the treatment team
    • Objects with sharp edges and points including scissors and loose razor blades
    • Glass items including mirrors, flower vases, perfume and aftershave bottles
    • Cell phones, camera cell phones,  and pagers
    • Cameras and tape recording devices
    • Video and cassette tapes, DVDs and CDs
    • Prescription and over the counter medications, unless with physician order
    • Alcohol and items containing alcohol including mouthwash
    • Dental floss
    • Spray and aerosol cans
    • Glue, White-Out, Crazy Glue, etc
    • Street drugs and/or paraphernalia
    • Weapons, including knives
    • Wire clothes hangers

In addition, the following items are considered as unsafe and must be reported to the charge nurse or mental health assistant (MHA) immediately before entering the unit:

    • Curling irons, hot curlers, and hair dryers
    • Sewing equipment including crochet needles
    • Nail polish and remover
    • Make-up including compacts with mirrors
    • Safety pins, tweezers, nail files and clippers
    • Disposable and electric razor
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